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Engineering Statement of Purpose Sample

Whatever the reason for your lack of inspiration or ideas is, we offer you a good way-out. Read our sample and think over what you can mention in your own statement of purpose engineering.

In an age that places quite a bit of emphasis on diversity, I am proud to say I am not only a world traveler, but, in the fullest sense, a global student. This puts me in the unique position of having met and become acquainted with people from an array of backgrounds and cultures. It creates a deeper world view and an understanding that gives me insight into the importance of amiability, cooperation, and how to work as part of a team. Comprehending our differences as well as finding our common strengths and weaknesses makes for an enriching learning experience. I now have a thoughtful and empathetic view of the friendships I hold with people around the world.

I arrived at this unique position in life because my academic background spans several countries and languages, and I believe I have benefitted from this eclectic mix. I began high school in Turkey and then continued at a boarding school in Switzerland, finally to graduate from an American high school in Saudi Arabia. My higher education was undertaken in the United States at Oregon State University with a Mechanical Engineering major. I enjoyed my recent educational experience the most by far because I was moving closer to what I wanted to do for my life’s work: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

For my senior year courses we were instructed to choose technical elective classes, parallel to what we aspired to be in the future. Out of a hope of one day being a part of your marine program, I chose “Fracture Mechanics”, “UAV Engineering”, “Procedure Model & Mechanical Design” and “Aero Vehicle Design”. While it may seem like I took more classes about airplanes than ships, the reality was that these were the closest classes related to the ship engineering curriculum at the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program offered at OSU. I excelled in every one, further reinforcing my desire to build a career in this direction. My aim was to immerse myself in every course that would bring me closer to my ultimate goal of one day building beautiful ships.

With respect to hands-on learning, my mechanical engineering senior project was building a small scale formula racing car to compete in races around the world. Held in different locations, this year my team entered three competitions: Michigan, Germany and Austria and our car won 1st place in all of them. My team, called Global Formula Racing, worked unceasingly on the car for weeks. Through the lens of casual observers, this would just be building a car, but when you fully appreciate the nature of what was involved and the international dimension of the competition, this feat was nothing less than monumental. The complex level of knowledge required to build the car demanded nothing less than perfection from all of us. This is the same passion I will bring to ship building.

During my week there I rented a car and visited the University of Michigan Naval Architecture building. I talked to Graduate Program Advisor Nathalie Fiveland about the program and admissions. I toured the building and spoked to students. I was also warmly greeted by the University of Michigan formula team in the competition and we talked about the school.

I am eager to engage in research, too, as my mind constantly works on solving problems. Led by your enormously capable and scholarly team, I look forward to research in cutting-edge marine technologies, such as wave-induced motions and loads; mechanics of lightweight and compound structures; and underwater systems engineering. In my senior year technical elective class on Aero Vehicle Design, we designed an RC plane with given customer requirements and instructions on fluid interactions. We 3D-printed the plane and did a wind tunnel test to validate our design criteria.

While examining your website, I was particularly fascinated in reading comments made by Michael Bernitsas, professor of naval architecture, marine engineering and mechanical engineering and department head at the University. He said a University patented product was using “vortex induced vibration’” to produce hydrokinetic energy from the St. Clair River through a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to study the device. It seems that marine technology can even be used in the procurement of new energy sources and this bodes well for the future of the world’s environmental needs. This is the type of cutting-edge research I wish to take part in during my studies.

In addition to my experience in the lecture hall and research lab, I have hands-on leadership and teaching experience. During my last year at OSU I was a Teaching Assistant in two courses: Intermediate Dynamic Course (ME 317) and Mechanical Engineering Methods Course (ME 373). I held office hours weekly to provide assistance to students on their homework and exam preparation, as well as preparing engaging out of class sessions and grading exams and homework. This experience reinforced my own engineering knowledge as well as giving me confidence performing in an instructor role. It was gratifying to help those who might be struggling with the material to gain a fuller understanding of the concepts and quantifiable factors of the field.

My educational objective is to finish the “master’s degree program without thesis” in one year. I am specifically interested in Fluid-Structure Interactions and Structural Mechanics on the hull design of the boats. The propulsion systems of boats are my second interest, an area of study closely related to marine engineering. To illustrate, reducing cavitation on propellers is another of the research topics I would like to explore in-depth. This knowledge would help in noise reduction of propellers and improve propeller life.

All of this preparation leads to my career goal for the future: to own a company in Turkey consigned to execute naval architecture designs for other companies in the United States or at home. I would like to modify or upgrade old naval designs for other companies as well. The University of Michigan, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering graduate program will help me meet career and educational objectives because it provides the training to create beautiful and functional designs for ship building.

Your esteemed university is rich in marine history, reaching back to the late 19th century and the efforts of Mortimer E. Cooley to begin a marine engineering program, which has led to its present day excellence and reputation. Attending your program would be an honor and it will also give me tools to build a solid foundation for my career. I am hopeful you will reserve a place for me in your next class.

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